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Indiana Asbestos Exposure

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As a human carcinogen that can cause very serious respiratory illnesses such as mesothelioma (a rare but deadly cancer) and asbestosis, asbestos has been verified to be an extremely problematic toxic substance. Asbestos-related diseases can take years to develop after exposure–sometimes 25 to 50 years–often hiding in plain sight in terms of the everyday hazards they pose. Once used extensively in shipyards and in manufacturing during World War II, asbestos exposure can still pose a serious problem for citizens today, particularly when older buildings are demolished or renovated.

Unfortunately, Indiana is no stranger to asbestos exposure: The state is home to numerous industries that heavily relied on asbestos, especially for insulation, and can still pose an issue when people interact with older buildings today. Naturally, as these industries were also located within the state, many workers also lived here, leading to a disproportionate number of citizens regularly exposed to asbestos now dealing with the negative repercussions through numerous health issues that they suffer from.

Asbestos in Indiana Workplaces

Examples of industries in Indiana that relied on asbestos included automotive, steel, chemical, petroleum, coal, rubber, electrical, and industries with related equipment. This is especially the case for industries that relied on asbestos for its heat-resistant properties, such as those areas that hosted steel mills. Some of those included:

● Chrysler Corporation
● Chrysler Motors, Fort Ben Harrison, IN
● Delco Electronics
● Delco Remy
● Ford Motor Company
● General Motors Plant in Bedford
● General Motors Plant, Indianapolis, IN
● International Harvester in Fairbanks
● ALCOA Power Plant
● Anderson Municipal Power
● Buffington Power Plant
● Coke & Coal Water Pollution Plant
● Cully Station Powerhouse(Evansville)
● Frankfort Power Plant
● Franklin Steam Plant – West Franklin, IN
● Gibson Power Plant
● Hoosier Energy
● Imperial Electric
● Indiana & Michigan Electric Company(Lawrenceburg, IN)
● Indiana Michigan Electric
● Indiana Michigan Power Company(Mishawaka, IN)
● Indiana Power & Light
● Indiana Power & Light Power Plant (Indianapolis, IN)
● Indiana Power & Light Steam Plant(Gary, IN)
● Indiana Power Plant(Evansville)
● Kendallville Power & Water
● Kentucky Indiana Electric
● Lawrenceburg Powerhouse
● Logansport Municipal Utilities
● Logansport Power Plant
● M&I Electric Company in Mishawaka, Indiana
● Madison Steam Plant
● Merom Power Plant
● Mt. Vernon Powerhouse
● Municipal Electric Plant
● NIPSCO Coal Power Plant in Wheatsfield, Indiana
● Northern Indiana Public Service in Michigan City
● PSI Energy Inc.
● Southern Indiana Gas & Electric in Evansville
● Wabash River Power Plant
● Western Electric in Fort Ben Harrison
● Yankeetown Power Plant
● American Oil Refinery (Amoco), Whiting, IN
● Mobil Oil
● R.J. Oil
● Rock Island Refinery
● Sinclair Oil Company, Whiting, Indiana
● Sinclair Refining Co.
● Others

As a result, Indiana has also been the site of numerous lawsuits filed to obtain justice as a result of retired workers suffering from asbestos exposure as a result of their jobs, especially given that industries were aware of the repercussions of asbestos exposure decades ago and many still failed to take preventative measures to protect workers and their families, who were also exposed. Several of these corporations have settled with these victims as a result of these lawsuits, and litigation has managed to raise awareness for others who worked in manufacturing plants where asbestos concentrations were at unacceptable levels.

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